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Chrysalis Wellbeing

“ I am inspired by the unlimited potential for joy and creativity that resides in us all.”

Creating a nurturing space where you feel understood and empowered is integral to my practice. Only by understanding and transforming the root cause of problems or behaviours can we truly effect positive change. I use in combination Counselling, Regression Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Massage, EFT, NLP and Reiki treatments to treat a wide range of conditions. My sessions will assist you to let go of stress and tension and teach you valuable self help tools for the future.

I specialise in treating trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic pain and illness and am actively involved in the Veterans Stress Project, assisting returned soldiers with post traumatic stress.

I also offer specialist programs in Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Hypno-birthing and Natural Fertility and regularly run Meditation Classes.

I have a degree in Psychology and Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychology (1991), a Cert.1V in Clinical Hypnotherapy and have worked in disability services, homelessness services, aged care and mental health services and schools in Australia, Canada and the UK for over 20 years. I have also travelled extensively across Europe, Canada and South East Asia exploring traditional healing techniques and incorporating them into the wide range of therapies that I now work with. I am committed to continually learning and evolving both on an inner level and a professional one.

I began my journey into transformational change and healing with Reiki, in 1992. Following my first Reiki treatment I re evaluated  my life and felt like I was finally connecting to my true purpose. I now teach Reiki levels 1-2 in small groups.

Whilst travelling in Thailand in 1993 I studied the healing art of Traditional Thai Massage with the renowned herbalist and healer Lek Chaiya at her school and treatment centre in a Chiang Mai temple. Lek’s techniques have inspired my massage practice with her unique techniques that are so effective in releasing chronic tension in trigger points.   

 For many years I ran free healing clinics for the homeless in the UK,  treating people suffering with mental health problems, drug and alcohol addiction and stress related illnesses. Many of the homeless were ex servicemen. It was in these clinics that I saw first hand the positive changes Reiki and massage had on those experiencing addiction and the after effects of trauma.

Following the birth of my first child,  I trained as a Doula / Birth Attendant with Dr Michelle Odent, the inspirational  French Obstetrician, author of Birth Reborn and the founder of water births. His beliefs in the spiritual nature of  birth encouraged me to learn even more techniques to empower women no matter how they chose to birth. I now teach Hypno-birthing and run therapeutic sessions to assist the many women who have experienced birth trauma and post natal depression.  

I am currently writing my second children’s book, exploring the use of EFT and am  available to teach EFT introductory workshops  for anxiety, stress and quit smoking to small groups.

Meditation & Hypnotherapy audios are available on my shop page for insomnia, weight loss, quit smoking, fear, healing, anxiety and overwhelm.

I look forward to sharing your journey.

“A wonderful experience to visit painful emotional baggage whilst feeling completely safe and loved. At the end of my journey, I felt calm and at peace, having explored things I never would have.

Thank you so much.”            - E.M.  

Chrissy Ortner

 “Thank you so much Chrissy!  I’ve benefited from this so much. I’m feeling calm and confident. I can’t wait for the next session.”- Chelsea

“ I can now say with confidence that my process  with you has been one of the most successful processes I have ever had. Even more amazing because (compared to other methods I have used in the past) it was so quick...”    - Rasjid


BA.DipEd.Psych.      Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Hypno-Childbirth Practitioner, EFT & NLP Practitioner.


BA(Psychology) Monash University 1989

Grad.DipEdPsych, ( Counselling, Psych. Assessment ) Monash University 1991

Certificate of  Nerve Touch Massage & Thai Massage, Lek Chaiya, Changmai, 1993

Reiki Master Certification, Paul Curtis, Glastonbury 1998

Certificate of Traditional Thai Massage, Wat Po Medical School, Bangkok 2000

Hypno-Childbirth Practitioner, Life Options  2009

NLP Practitioner, Quantum Change Seminars, 2010

Certified Hypotherapist, Australian Success Academy, 2011

EFT Level 2 Practitioner, EFT Universe 2013

Cert.1V Clinical Hypnotherapy, Career Accelerators, 2014

Past Life Regression Therapy, The Kew Academy, 2015.

Current Police Check, Working with Children Check & Level 2 First Aid.

“I already feel like a new person, very excited about the future and have been given many helpful strategies to deal with issues as they arise.

I was able to get in touch with the many reasons I continued to be dependant on cigarettes and see clearly why depression was continuing to dominate my life.

I see a bright light at the end of a long dark tunnel! I would definitely recommend you to my friends!  I felt very relaxed and safe to express my deepest fears / pains without fear of judgement.” -Penny

Hypnotherapy, Counselling and many Complementary Therapies are unregulated in Australia. As a Professional Clinical member of the  AACHP  I have successfully completed approved training courses, am bound by a strict code of ethics and I’m required to complete on-going supervision and professional development on an annual basis.