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Natural Therapies To Relieve Anxiety, PTSD & Chronic Pain

By harnessing the power of our body's control system, the mind, we can learn to regulate stress, tension, pain, anxiety, intrusive memories and negative beliefs that may have been with us since childhood...

Freedom from Anxiety 

Identify and release the physical symptoms,  core events, beliefs and behaviours that underpin your anxiety. With Hypnotherapy and EFT it is possible to regain control over your physical sensations & emotions, release triggering thoughts and memories and boost self esteem and confidence. Sessions are individually tailored to suit your needs and goals.
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Post Traumatic Stress 

Clear and release fear, tension, pain and intrusive memories. In this program incorporating Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis and EFT you will learn tools to aid profound relaxation,  gently let go of negative memories, limiting beliefs and behaviours and and set goals for the future. Each session is unique, taking you through a  process of gentle change and self discovery.
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Chronic Pain 

Hypnotherapy, Meditation & EFT acupressure techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on the genes that reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system and can reduce  anxiety and exhaustion. How can Hypnotherapy help with pain? Watch A Current Affair's investigation here. Hypnotherapy is used in some hospitals to help control the pain associated with burns & cancer and to ease pain in childbirth. 
Acupressure massage can also  target  tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, buttocks and lower back, improving flexibilty, posture, blood and lymph flow. 
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Boost Your Immunity with Hypnotherapy & EFT

A single session of Hypnotherapy has been shown to impact not only beliefs and feelings positively but alter the expression of 15 genes that enhance stem cell activity and reduce cellular stress and inflammation. (Rossi et al, 2008)

Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) combines the tapping of acupressure points with the fingers and elements of mindfulness, exposure therapy, EMDR and self hypnosis. EFT has recently been shown in a pilot study to regulate over 70 genes involved in immune function, tumour supression, insulin regulation and inflammation in just a single session. (Maharaj, M. E. 2016) 

Hypnosis and EFT have been shown in clinical trials to be effective in reducing the symptoms and severity of inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis