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Natural Treatments for Anxiety

 Children, Adolescents & Adults

Have you tried everything but are still experiencing debilitating anxiety symptoms such as palpitations, panic attacks, stress sweat, stuttering, IBS etc and finding that the symptoms are steadily increasing?

You are not alone. Anxiety symptoms generally escalate with time. The brain learns to interpret many day to day stressful events as ‘life or death’ moments, releasing the stress hormones Adrenalin and Cortisol and each time these reactions are activated, the more anxiety triggers we acquire. These become learned patterns.

The good news is that it is possible to let go of this learnt behaviour with meditation, hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT or Tapping. I can assist you to let go of your anxiety programs and access more resourceful states when dealing with stress and tension to regain control naturally. These are clinically proven techniques that reduce the production of stress hormones and help us to maintain a sense of calm in potentially stressful situations. They are easy to use at home, work or in school and can be used discreetly when you feel the symptoms of stress coming on.

Stress affects our body’s immune system; its ability to heal itself, resulting in many stress related illnesses. It also impacts our sleep cycles and you may find yourself waking up feeling exhausted each morning. My program will help you uncover and release the core triggers underlying your anxiety and teach you new techniques to  help you stay calm and confident and sleep well.

I have clinics in Lilydale and Mount Evelyn and am available for home visits in the Yarra Ranges or Skype Sessions.

I regularly work with children with anxiety and can do both home and school visits if required.

Post Traumatic Stress

If you have been experiencing anxiety as a result of trauma and are also experiencing flashbacks, you may be experiencing post traumatic stress. When working with PTSD, I use a very gentle therapy known as the Rewind Technique and EFT to help you desensitise negative memories and the physical sensations they trigger. The beauty of this therapy is that it is not necessary to talk about the trauma in any detail at all should you prefer not to. It is also very effective in treating phobias.

Tips for a Calmer Day.

  (My favourite essential oil blends for anxiety are Springfields Blends: Bliss, Sanctuary, Sweet Dreams,    Heart & Soul & Calm Kids available in health food stores around Australia)