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What is Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) ?

EFT combines traditional acupressure with cognitive behaviour therapy and exposure therapy and has been clinically shown to reduce the body’s hormonal stress response quickly and effectively.

Acupressure techniques have been used in China to treat medical conditions for over 5,000 years. The latest research has shown that the stimulation of certain  points sends calming signals to a part of the brain, the Amygdala, responsible for initiating the fight/flight response.  EFT also helps regulate over 70 genes involved in immune function, tumour supression, insulin regulation and inflammation.  

Strong emotions, memories and pain can trigger the stress response in the body. EFT teaches you how to calm the stress response quickly.

In my clinic I have found EFT is effective for treating anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, intrusive memories, OCD, pain, addictions, fibromyalgia, ADD and ADHD, exam stress, low self esteem and many other physical and emotional problems. I recommend EFT  in combination with Hypnotherapy to empower positive change.

The Science of EFT 
In this TEDX talk, Dr Peta Stapleton of Queensland's Bond University talks about the Science behind EFT's remarkable results with eliminating Food Cravings, Chronic Pain and Emotional Pain.