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Hypno-Birth Program:

Learn to reduce labour pain and anxiety naturally.

“For women who dare to dream that birth can be natural, sacred & empowering...”

Hypnosis for childbirth in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Hypno-birthing is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world as more and more doctors and midwives are seeing the considerable benefits to mother & baby in all birth settings.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Whilst you’re in a beautifully relaxed state, guided visualisations will allow your critical mind to switch off. You can then learn to access your body’s natural ability to reduce pain and tension, eliminate anxiety and fears and establish a deep connection to your child.  For many women, their main fear of having a natural birth is experiencing pain. Your birth partner will learn to gently guide you through medical grade hypnosis, the same technique used by many dentists as a natural anaesthetic, yet you will remain awake, aware and able to respond naturally. And most importantly, you will become an expert in how to create the optimal conditions for a comfortable birth.

How is this Hypno-birth program different to others?

I provide all participants with a manual and the largest range of hypnotic audios to practice at home, including eliminating nausea and pregnancy discomforts, positioning the baby, 2 audios for labour and 2 for Post Birth Wellbeing. Should you require a Caesarean, I also provide an audio to promote emotional healing, wound healing and stimulate milk production.

Birth Partners play an important role in classes, learning acupressure points, massage techniques and how to best support you in labour. You will both learn powerful hypnotic techniques to keep calm and focussed in labour and confident and relaxed as parents.

My Journey with Natural Birth Practices...

I am a mother of two beautiful children and was blessed with incredibly magical births through the use of Reiki, meditation and visualisation, despite confronting inappropriate hospital protocols and unsupportive birth professionals. After hearing of friends horrific birth experiences, I felt called to train as a doula with the inspirational Michel Odent, the founder of water births and the author of Birth Reborn, in the UK, to understand how to turn the tide of routine interventions and Caesarians. I then underwent a further transformation as I connected with Denise Love and her hypno-childbirth training; a similarly inspirational mentor who is taking her passion for beautiful birthing practices to women in need around the globe.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey through birth.


Benefits of Hypnosis in Childbirth:

* Shorter labours- when we are relaxed, the birthing muscles work more effectively

* Fewer or no drugs at all means less risk of side effects for mother & baby

* Breech & Posterior babies can be turned using hypnosis

* Fewer interventions & complications in labour

* Mothers who are energised & positive following birth

* A significant reduction in postnatal depression

* Babies who are better sleepers & breastfeeders due to fewer drugs in their systems

Hypno-birth Program

Investment: 3 x 2 hour Sessions in your Own Home *

(manual & 8 CD’s included) = $499

*Within 15km Mt Evelyn


Dear Chrissy,

I just had to tell you again how much I appreciate you coming to visit and sharing your expertise with us...I feel the visualisations, pressure points and Reiki have contributed to my sense of calm. Also thank you for keeping in touch via phone and SMS, it’s so special to know other people are thinking of you during this time. All the best,

Julie, Hugh & Jeremy