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Empowering & Transforming Kids

Fast & effective acupressure techniques kids can learn to soothe their own
anxiety, insomnia and pain. 

We all want our kids to feel confident, resillient & empowered but for 1 in 5 kids in primary and secondary schools, learning and relationships are compromised by overwhelm and anxiety and these mental health issues are creating chronic stress and ill health.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as
Tapping, as highlighted in the video, is an evidence-based, fast and effective tool that kids can learn to feel safe. It combines acupressure with elements of cognitive behaviour therapy and positive psychology and reduces the fight/flight response & stress hormone levels.

EFT has been clinically shown to be effective for panic attacks, exam stress, performance anxiety and trauma. EFT helps children focus and improves concentration and resillience. They can use it whenever they feel uncomfortable, relieving negative thoughts, butterflies in the stomach, headaches, pain or tension. EFT can also be used to instill powerful positive beliefs and change negative self talk. EFT practitioners have worked with the survivors of the Sandy Hook school massacre, survivors of genocide in Rwanda and in conflict zones acround the world. 

I have a background in educational psychology, and many years experience working in education support in schools with children experiencing anxiety, PTSD, exam stress and insomnia.

Sessions are available in schools, the Mt Evelyn clinic or in your home.