Reiki Healing

Distance/Remote Healing Now Available

Re-Connect to Source Energy & Experience Peace for Mind, Body & Spirit

"Never having experienced Reiki before I was unsure as to what to expect but I was feeling so tired and overwhelmed emotionally that I was keen to give it a go . . The Reiki was deeply relaxing and yet my once tired eyes actually felt awake for the first time in weeks. One day later and I'm feeling positive and happy.. I'm excited to download the self Reiki and meditation mp3s . I'm so happy that I opened my mind to this therapy . Thank you"

Distance / Remote Reiki Healing Available: $45 for 30mins.

Reiki healing is an experience of unconditional love that brings us closer to the essence of who we are. Quantum Physics can help us understand how healing intention and energy flow beyond time and space- see video below.

Reiki treatments can be used to complement medical treatments and promote a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. This helps to reduce stress and nervous tension, deactivate adrenal fatigue and boost the immune system. Reiki healing is  performed on a massage table or whilst seated in a chair. The practitioner’s hands are held on or just above the body and healing energy is channelled to the recipient. 

Remote/Distance Reiki Treatments focus the same healing energy towards the client. It may be done via video conference, over the phone or remotely at an agreed time, using the client's name and or photo. 

Reiki treatments are perfect for chronic fatigue, insomnia, muscular tension, chronic illness, anxiety, depression and everyday stress. 

Reiki treatments are highly recommended at the end of massage & EFT treatments and can be integrated into a hypnotherapy or counselling session as requested. 

For more information on research conducted by the California Pacific Medical Centre into Distant Healing with AIDS Patients  please  read here.  For a video on research into quantum physics and distant healing click here.

A Brief History

Reiki was discovered & developed by a Japanese monk, Dr Mikao Usui  in the late 1800’s who was honored for treating hundreds of survivors of earthquakes and teaching his method of mindfulness, meditation and healing. Reiki is not aligned to any religion but is a spiritual practice. You do not need to hold any beliefs in order to experience Reiki and feel it's benefits. Reiki is now taught around the world and is integrated into many health care settings in over 800 hospitals around the world. 

Reiki in Hospitals
Reiki is being used in Integrative Treatments alongside standard Medical care in over 800 hospitals worldwide.
As part of the  Sir Charles Gairdner Teaching Hospital in Perth, the  Solaris Centre has been providing Reiki treatments and other complementary therapies to patients undergoing cancer treatment for the past 19 years.