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Chrysalis Wellbeing

Mt Evelyn, Lilydale & Mobile Yarra Valley & Ranges

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Natural Therapies for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD and Weight Loss.


Reiki Healing

Let go of tension and feel nurtured and relaxed with a relaxation, deep tissue or acupressure massage with essential oils. Specialised treatments available for insomnia, migraines and chronic pain.

Lilydale & Mt Evelyn Clinic &

Mobile Service (women only)


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Massage, EFT, Reiki, Pregnancy & Post Natal Support, Hypno-birth Classes.

Lilydale Clinic & Yarra Ranges Mobile Treatments

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Are you feeling overwhelmed or exhaused? Reiki healing induces a feeling of deep relaxation which promotes healing by reducing the body’s stress response and boosting the immune system. Treatments can feel like you’ve slept for hours.  


I work with people who are experiencing the debilitating effects of stress or trauma such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or lack of confidence. With a background in Educational Psychology and complementary therapies and over 20 years experience working to support people experiencing emotional and physical pain, I provide individualised treatments  to help you regain a sense of peace, control over your feelings and a sense of purpose.

with a background in Educational Psychology and a passion for natural health. I have over 20 years experience working in Mental Health Services, Education & Natural Therapy Clinics in the UK & Australia. Read more >>



Mindfulness Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and promotes peace of mind and cognitive function. Guided meditation MP3’s suitable for children and adults for treating anxiety Insomnia, weight loss, healing…  Listen Here

Hypnotherapy & EFT

 Do you struggle to make positive changes? Many of my clients have previously undertaken long term Counselling, Psychology or Physio sessions and have been taking medication to manage their symptoms with little result. I use a holistic approach that can help you transform underlying emotional issues quickly and effectively, in a way that is gently empowering.


Quit 4 Life

Quit 4 Life!

Do you want to stop smoking but are you worried about experiencing cravings, peer pressure, coping with stress or gaining weight? I offer a 3 session program to combat these fears and help you once more enjoy being a non-smoker.

“The tension, anxiety and pressure have gone completely and I feel so calm and relaxed.”- Tash, Brighton

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and heart.

 It works, thank you so much.” - Sam, Mt Evelyn

“Thank you so much -the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time.

An absolutely lovely experience!” - Lauren, Upwey

Certified by www.useNature.com

Are you struggling to cope with day to day demands and finding the symptoms of stress; tension, overwhelm, illness, exhaustion or pain are only increasing?

I help people who are struggling with these issues to release them quickly with

powerfully effective natural therapies so they can feel relaxed, confident and resilient.

Having supported family members with chronic health conditions and overcome my own health challenges, I’ve trained in a diverse range of therapies so that I can offer treatments that target not only chronic illness, tension and pain but the emotional and psychological challenges we face daily.  Life is short.. choose your empowered future today!

Download my Free Transformational MP3

7 Minutes to Peace Passion & Purpose:

A Reiki Morning Healing Meditation

This powerful meditation will guide you to feel relaxed and motivated every day.

Specialising in…..

Don’t panic if you’re unsure what you need, your first session can include a variety of modalities that best suit you.