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Quit for Life Program: Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”

Why Willpower &  Nicotine Patches Don’t Work....

Has trying to quit on your own been painful,

 stressful or one long excuse?

Will power and nicotine replacement have such low success rates because they do not address and change the underlying beliefs, behaviours and triggers that are stored in the subconscious mind. Years of smoking have programmed your subconscious mind to work on auto pilot.

Quitting with Will Power Alone feels like going into Battle with Yourself!

Will power requires a concerted effort to retrain the body and mind and does not deal with the issues of weight gain, and cravings.

Hypnotherapy: The easier solution to quitting


A comparison of six hundred studies involving more than 72,000 people who had used different methods to quit smoking found:

Hypnosis is 3 x more effective than nicotine patches


 15 x more effective than will power alone.*

* Schmidt, Chockalingam, New Scientist ,October 10, 1992.

Hypnosis reduces…

Photo: Shahram Sharif cc-by-2.0.

The Quit for Life Program

My program  will address your unique triggers, cravings and underlying reasons for smoking and will provide you with powerful self-help tools to help you de-stress and remain in control now and in the future.

I am proud to offer 2 x sessions in the Quit 4 Life program to help you feel confident and empowered as a non-smoker.

 You will earn new ways to cope with stress and tension,  free yourself of the desire to smoke and minimise weight gain and withdrawal effects.  And yes you will still be able to socialise with friends.

Many people successfully quit cigarettes with this program after only the first session.

This is the most important decision you will make for both you and your family’s wellbeing.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis feels blissfully relaxing & empowering.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not be put to sleep but will remain relaxed, awake and aware, capable of reacting or moving if you choose. Hypnosis is a trance-like state that most of us enter many times a day. Watching TV, becoming engrossed in a great film or book, daydreaming or driving to work on auto-pilot are all examples of trance states. Hypnosis uses guided imagery, similar to meditation to help you enter a deeply relaxed state. It enables your subconscious mind to make the changes you desire so body and mind are working in unison to achieve your goals.

“I can’t believe I’m a non-smoker! Its been 2 weeks now and I’m loving the confident new me.

 No more hiding it from my family! Thanks so much.” -Anne