Quit 4 Life Program

“I can’t believe I’m a non-smoker! Its been 2 weeks now and I’m loving the confident new me. No more hiding it from my family! Thanks so much.” -Anne

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, empowering and deeply relaxing process that allows you to regain control over your addiction. Contrary to popular belief,  when experiencing hypnosis you will remain awake, aware and incredibly focussed as you release the beliefs and behaviours that have enabled your addiction. Hypnosis feels very much like daydreaming, becoming engrossed in a good film, driving on autopilot and even zoning out when having a cigarette.  

We all enter trance states many times a day. Hypnotherapists guide this process with suggestions for positive change that bipass the logical mind and impact on the parts of the brain that control behaviour and beliefs.
Whether you've smoked for decades or just started, most people quit in the first session.

3 x Sessions $499
Valid for 12 months 


Hypnosis vs Patches..

Hypnosis is-
3 x more effective than nicotine patches
 15 x more effective than will power alone.*
* Schmidt, Chockalingam, New Scientist ,October 10, 1992.


Hypnosis reduces

- weight gain
- nicotine cravings 
- withdrawal symptoms
- deactivates triggers
- reduces anxiety



Evening hypnosis audios for - Quit Smoking Support
- Insomnia Relief
- Anxiety Relief


EFT-Acupressure techniques

Learn alternate ways to release, stress, tension and cravings quickly and effectively.

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