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Concessions & Sliding Scale Payments Available

Freedom from Anxiety 

Identify and release the physical symptoms,  core events, beliefs and behaviours that underpin your anxiety. With Hypnotherapy and EFT it is possible to regain control over your physical sensations & emotions, release triggering thoughts and memories and boost self esteem and confidence. Sessions are individually tailored to suit your needs and goals.
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Post Traumatic Stress 

Clear and release fear, tension, pain and intrusive memories. In this program incorporating Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis and EFT you will learn tools to aid profound relaxation,  gently let go of the past and set goals for the future. Each session is unique, taking you through a  process of gentle change.
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Chronic Pain 

Incorporating Hypnotherapy, Meditation,  Reiki Healing and EFT acupressure techniques to train your subconscious mind to release tension, fear and pain.  How can Hypnotherapy help with pain? Watch A Current Affair's investigation here
Where appropriate, massage and acupressure massage can also  target  tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, buttocks and lower back, improving flexibilty, posture, blood and lymph flow. I am certified in Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Thai acupressure massage.
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Empowering Kids Program

The first session includes an introduction to EFT and relaxation techniques for caregivers and the child.
Sessions 2-4 identify core issues and resolve triggering thoughts and feelings. This program includes access to my hypnotic sleep stories for children that boost confidence, resilience and stabilise sleep patterns. 

1:1 In School Sessions or Clinic Sessions 
For more information please phone Chrissy on 0430 322711


Quit 4 Life Program

You know why you want to quit but habits, cravings or a lack of will power may have made it difficult up until now.  My program of 3 Sessions incorporates Hypnotherapy and EFT acupressure points to help release the cravings, triggers, beliefs and behaviours that bind you to cigarettes. This program comes with an Evening Hypnosis MP3 to keep you on track.
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Hypnotherapy Audios & Meditation Downloads

I am a leading Meditation Teacher with the Insight Timer app. Hypnotic Audios for Relaxation & Healing can be purchased here.
Individual Audios: $4.99 each
Deep Sleep Bundle: $7.49 (4 Hypnosis Audios)
Blissful Sleep4Kids: $9.99  (4 Hypnosis Audios)
Inner Peace Bundle: $36   (19 Hypnosis Audios & 2 bonus ambient music tracks)